• Information about our classrooms
    Each child in Clouds group and older receives a morning and afternoon snack, plus lunch.


  • Moonbeams (0 — 12 months)
    Offers a loving and nurturing first year full of development. The focus is on small and large muscle development and using the senses with an array of toys and books to stimulate them.
    Clouds (12 — 23 months)
    This classroom begins our Apple Annie curriculum with language development as the focus. Sign language is offered in this class to help toddlers better communicate with adults and each other. Art and music are also introduced at this age, as their minds are quickly growing and developing.
    Stars / Sunshines (2 year olds)
    Our 2 year olds begin a full study of letters, shapes, numbers and colors with activities and songs with the Apple Annie curriculum. Curriculum also includes science, art and music. Language development, mastery of shapes and colors, and potty training are the focuses of this classroom.
    Raindrops (3 year olds)
    Raindrops continue reviewing shapes and colors, but begin a lengthy study of letters. Capital letters are traced, then written independently. 2nd semester the lower case alphabet is introduced, along with sounds of letters. Children learn the days of the week, months of the year, and seasons. Daily science and math.
    Rainbows (4 - 5 year olds)
    This pre-school classroom begins with an evaluation of each child on letters, shapes, counting, colors, days of the week, months of the year, rhyming and opposites. A full study of these concepts, including science and math, are included in the curriculum. Prepares children for kindergarten.
    Thunderbolts (5 - 13 years)
    This classroom is for the afterschool children that we pick up from school. They are offered snack, homework time, game and art time and outside play until parents arrive. Summer classes have a full curriculum, themed weekly, to keep them learning in a fun and exciting way. Field trips weekly.